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High Speed Precision Quick Soldering Station SMT Production Solution 380VAC 50Hz

China Shenzhen Jaguar Automation Equipment Co., Ltd certification
China Shenzhen Jaguar Automation Equipment Co., Ltd certification
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High Speed Precision Quick Soldering Station SMT Production Solution 380VAC 50Hz

High Speed Precision Quick Soldering Station SMT Production Solution 380VAC 50Hz
High Speed Precision Quick Soldering Station SMT Production Solution 380VAC 50Hz High Speed Precision Quick Soldering Station SMT Production Solution 380VAC 50Hz High Speed Precision Quick Soldering Station SMT Production Solution 380VAC 50Hz High Speed Precision Quick Soldering Station SMT Production Solution 380VAC 50Hz

Large Image :  High Speed Precision Quick Soldering Station SMT Production Solution 380VAC 50Hz

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jaguar
Certification: ISO9000, CE
Model Number: Semi Automatic SMT line
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 30000-100000USD/Set
Packaging Details: Vacuum wooden box
Delivery Time: 30days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1 Set/30days

High Speed Precision Quick Soldering Station SMT Production Solution 380VAC 50Hz

Voltage: 380VAC 50Hz Usage: Welding
Weight: 1200KG After-sales Service Provided: Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas,Online Support,Field Installation,commissioning And Training,Video Technical Support
Certification: CE,ISO9000,CE CCC UL Warranty: 1 Year
High Light:

selective soldering machine


quick soldering station




JAGUAR Semi-auto solder paste printer (S600)





1.Using precision guide rail and the import motor to drive the blade seat conversion, printing, and high accuracy.

2.Printing scraper can rotate 45 degrees fixed up, easy printing stencil and squeegee cleaning and replacement.

3.Block can be adjusted before and after the blade, to choose the right printing position.

4.Combined with a fixed groove printing platen and PIN, easy installation and adjustment, for single, double sided printing.

5.School Edition way to move a steel mesh, combined with printed (PCB), X, Y, Z. Convenient fine adjustment.

6.Can be set to one-way and two-way, a variety of printing methods.

7.With the automatic counting function to facilitate the production of output statistics.

8.Adjustable blade angle, steel blade, rubber scraper are suitable.

9.Touch screen with a screen saver function, the time can be adjusted to protect the touch-screen life.

10.Printing speed display, can be adjusted.



Model JAGUAR S600
Dimensions 1400*800*1680mm
Platform size 300×600mm
PCB size 250×550mm
Template size 550×830mm
Printing speed 0-8000mm/min
PCB thickness 0-50mm
PCB fine tuning range Front/side±10mm
Power supply 1PAC220V 50/60HZ
Platform height 850±20mm
Repeatability precision ±0.01mm
Positioning mode Outside/Reference hole
Weight Approx.300Kg




                                                                     Jaguar  SMT Conveyor



                                                                                                                 High Speed Precision Quick Soldering Station SMT Production Solution 380VAC 50Hz 0





1.Elaboration M lead screw, hand width-adjusting system to make 2 conveyor tracks move smoothly.


2.Imported circular special belt and patent tracks, can solve thin card guide PCB problem, improve fluency of connection.


3.Standard signal of industry for equipments, SMEMA can connect with others automatically on line.


4.Machine area made by thickened models or section Aluminum, with superior materials durable service and seed firm.


5.Applicable to production line of SMT and AI, facilitate to connection of equipments before and after.


6.When PCB move interposition during transmitting, it has the function of photo electricity automatic inspection and manual releasing.


7.Increasing weight at the bottom to make machine uneasy to be moved, make connection more smoothly.





Model BC-350
Outer Dimension 500*700*940mm
PCB Width 50~350mm
PCB Direction L to R or R to L
Speed 0-2000 mm/min
Motor 1P AC220V 50/60HZ 15W
Power Supply 1P AC220V 50/60HZ
Rail length up to your request
Control System PLC
Foot switch standard
Lighting Option
SOP Rack Option
Platform material ESD Rubber Mat
Communication plug SMEMA Signal plug for up & down line
Weight Approx.50KG


Jaguar 6 head pick and place machine H06

High Speed Precision Quick Soldering Station SMT Production Solution 380VAC 50Hz 1






【technical parameters】

○Number of feeders:64 pieces

○Number of mounting head:6 heads

○Number of pallets:6 pieces○Average power:500W○positioning accuracy:0.01mm○Nozzle buffer range:4.5 mm○Power Supply:220V, 50Hz○Compressed air: 0.5-0.6Mpa○Drive motor: Panasonic servo motor /HW-QiGn stepper motor○Identification mode: six head synchronous identification

○Suction nozzle vacuum source:High speed on-off vacuum generator with vacuum destruction

○Maximum board area:625×455mm○XY maximum range of motion:629×679mm○Z axis maximum range:20mm○Belt feeder: 8, 12, 16, 24mm and vibration feeder (can be attached to the chip)

○Maximum theory speed: 15000 Pcs/ hours○LED, resistance capacitance actual patch speed: 12000 Pcs/ hours

○Hybrid visual mount average patch speed 8500Pcs/ hours

○XYZ drive rail: TBI high precision heavy duty linear guide rail.

○Motion drive system: Panasonic AC servo -A6 driver○Operating system: Based on the Windows operating system, China Weiguo record company independent research and development automatic placement machine operating system, support Windows XP, win7 operating system

○Component angle: 0-360 degrees at any angle, the movement of synchronous rotation○X/Y mode of operation: QiGn-2017 version of intelligent curve acceleration and deceleration linkage system

○MARK point positioning: automatic scanning (can be arbitrarily set MARK points)

○Intelligent alarm: automatic correction, Automatic patch, lack of material alarm

○Into the plate mode: single segment from left to right transmission, can be connected to the automatic connection platform system, automatic PCB transmission positioning. Thimble positioning, manual release plate.

○Visual display: 17 inch industrial control display ratio 4:3 resolution 1280x1024

○Programming mode: peer to Peer programming, visual programming, PCB file import, etc.

○Optimization mode: three automatic optimization modes (including V2017 intelligent optimization)

○To identify the number of cameras: a Mark recognition camera, six high speed identification camera, a high resolution precision recognition camera

○Applicable scope:adapt 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, two tubes, transistors, SOT, and 40*40mm in the range of pin spacing is greater than or equal to 0.3mm (0.5mm from the QFP BGA pin center), etc..

○Product weight:500KG○Size (length and width): 1450*1370*1350mm (without display and keyboard)



JAGUAR economy 6 Zones  Reflow oven machine M6


High Speed Precision Quick Soldering Station SMT Production Solution 380VAC 50Hz 2


Top and bottom totally 12 heating zones


No.1 The unique advanced long life heating system

1.The heating system adopt the Swedish nickel heater with efficiency and energy-saving. The peak wave length of the radiation power is 4UM with curved surface reflector enhance temperature ramp up speed, improve the thermal efficiency. And the special forced-air circulation system make PCB and the component uniformly heated and eliminate the "shadow effect" efficiently.

2.Using special high temperature resistant protection material in heating preservation structure and cast iron in heating passage.

3. Using imported Taiwan SanYue long shaft high temperature blower motor and W shaped heat duct, critical design for no noise or vibration and convenient for maintenance .

4. Heating zones are structured with porous aluminum air director, hot air is uniformly distributed to the PCB surface. Hood can open completely so as to easily proceed maintenance.


No.2 Stable and reliable conveyor system

1. The conveyor driving system use STK adjustable speed motor imported from Taiwan matched with the 1:150 turbine reducer can running extremely stable, speed range can varies between 0-1500mm/min.

2. Independent roller structure support and mesh belt running smooth and the speed precision is up to ±20 mm/min .

3. Mesh belt: durable and wear-resistant, not easy to deform and long life.


No.3 Stable and reliable electrical control system

1. It adopts imported thermostat control which owns fuzzy logic and PID closed loop control system. It can quick response to the changes in heating condition and ensure efficient heat compensation to achieve required temperature.

2. Using thermocouple imported from Taiwan to every heating zone, it can rapid feedback changes in each temperature zone, real-time monitoring to maintain the temperature in each zone.

3 .Special SSR solid state relay matched with dedicated heat dissipating block prolong the lifetime effectively. No contact output and fuzzy control function by thermostat, can monitoring the changes of environmental temperature and calorific value, applying the heating device by minimum pulse, ensuring the high precision of the temperature control & uniform temperature within zones. The zone length, flow direction, temperature distribution, all these are meet with IPC standards.

4. Powerful heating elements, heat up fast, it’s only need approx. 20 minutes from room temperature to set-point temperature.

5 .Failure diagnosis, visual & audio alarm.

6. Delay shutdown production function, uniform cooling after the shutdown: prevent hard-wares from any thermal damaged.







Heating System

Number of heating zones Top 6/Bottom 6
Heating passage 2500MM
Heating style hot air
Cooling style Force air






Conveyor System

Max. Width of PCB 350mm
Mesh belt width 400mm
Conveyor Direction L→R(or R→L)
Process Height 880±20mm
Conveyor type Mesh and chain
Range of rail width 0-300mm
Conveyor speed 0-1500mm/min
Auto/manual Lubrication standard
Hood opening Manual(option: auto)
Fixed track Front track fixed(option: rear rail fixed)
Product clearance Top and bottom 25mm









Control system

Power supply 5line 3phase 380V 50/60Hz
Total power consumption 28kw
Startup consumption 28kw
Steady consumption 4KW
Ramp up time About 20 mins
Temp. setting range Room temperature-300℃
Temp. control method PLC & PC
Temp. control precision ±1℃
Temp. deviation on PCB ±2℃
Data storage Process Data and status storage(80GB)
Nozzle plate Aluminum Alloy Plate
Abnormal Alarm Abnormal temperature. (Overtemp/low temp.)
Board dropped alarm Tower light: Amber-warming, Green-normal, Red-abnormal



Dimension(L*W*H) 3600×1000×1490mm
Weight 700KG
Color Computer gray



Off-line SMT AOI Machine(Model No. A410)


High Speed Precision Quick Soldering Station SMT Production Solution 380VAC 50Hz 3






Technical specifications

Applicable pcb Applicable process

After SMT solder paste printing and after reflow soldering, the board after reflow soldering inspection can detect both sides of the PCB and simultaneously detect multiple PCBs.

DIP plug-in wave soldering, tin, tin less, tin hole, short circuit, pin not out.

PCB size 25*25mm-350*460mm(can be customized big size)  
PCB thickness 0.3-5.0mm  
PCB height Up:≤35mm;bottom:50mm (can be customized)  
After reflow oven Missing parts, multiple pieces, solder balls, offset, side stand, stand-up, anti-stick, extraordinary, wrong parts, bad parts, bridging, soldering, no solder, less solder, more solder, original floating, IC The pins float and the IC pins are bent.  
DIP plug-in wave soldering Tin, tin less, tin hole, short circuit, pin not out, etc.  
visual system Camera system Full color high speed digital CCD camera
Lighting system Three-channel white LED light source or GRB light source
Resolution 10um,15um,18um,20um,25um optional
Detection method Color extraction, set the color ratio parameter.
mechanical system X/Y driver system Servo motor + precision grinding ball screw
Splint mode Automatic fixture
positioning accuracy <8um
Moving speed 800mm/s(MAX)
Rail adjustment manual
Software system operating system Windows 7 Professional version
language English/Chinese
Test result output Substrate ID, substrate name, original name, defect name, defect picture.
Power Specifications AC220±10%,50/60HZ,1KW
Temperature -10-40℃
environment humidity 20-90%RH
Dimensions 980*945*1260mm





Production introduction

1. AOI principle: The modern optical principle and camera technology are used to capture the detected object in real time, and the captured image is analyzed and processed by a computer and special software to automatically generate the detection result.

2. AOI function : AOI effective detection rate: more than 99% (manual detection rate: about 70%); reduced labor: 2-4 people / production line, high detection efficiency; accurate and flawless statistical process defects through SPC function, can be effectively controlled; It is much higher than labor, long-term use, and the comprehensive cost can be significantly reduced; it can enhance the company's comprehensive strength and effectively improve the company's overall competitiveness.

3. AOI Advantage:

1) Checkable item:

DIP plug-in wave soldering:Tin, tin less, tin hole, short circuit, pin not out, etc.

SMT: Missing parts, misplaced, wrong parts, reverse polarity, damage, pollution, less tin, more tin, short circuit, solder joint, etc.

2) Powerful software features

&Color extraction, statistical analysis &Letter recognition

&Color distance analysis &IC bridge

&Black and white specific gravity analysis &Brightness analysis

&Graphic similarity analysis &CAD data import

&SPC statistics function &Operation level management

&barcode scanning &Offline programming

&CAD data function &Automatic detection of the bottom surface

&Multiple imposition detection &Multi-machine interconnection

&Self-built component standard library

&Export date, week, month report can be generated

&Can connect multiple repair stations


3) Precision mechanical structure design

&High-rigid landline, reasonable mechanical center of gravity, low vibration during movement, beautiful appearance

&Precision screw guide, track

&Precision automatic fixture, easy to load and unload PCB

&Exquisite assembly skills to ensure stable use of the machine, long life


4) Stable electrical control

&Servo drive system, stable and mature

&LS mature and stable motion control

&EPIX advanced image capture and processing technology

&OMRON's stable electrical components for long life

&LAAP high-flex towline cable with a service life of 5-8 million times

&Stable, easy to maintain, safe



5)Scientific light source design

&The overall processing technology ensures the accuracy of the light source illumination angle

&Strict brightness detection

&Strict aging test to ensure a service life of 50,000 hours.

&The scientific use of the principle of three-color light enables the components to exhibit different colors of the body and the solder at different angles for accurate detection purposes

High Speed Precision Quick Soldering Station SMT Production Solution 380VAC 50Hz 4

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